The Necromancer

Part 2

Our dauntless defenders delved deeper into the deadly dungeon of despair, towards a dangerous destiny they dared not dream of. The way was fraught with perils. Mighty Horrim was nearly crushed to bits by a boulder. Our heroes raced a collapsing bridge, fought a troupe of carnivorous cave apes, and picked up a wayward changeling with no discernible backstory. They defeated a sex crazed cave troll, scored some sweet loot, and crammed half a dead guy into a chest. Descending still deeper into the dark depths of doom, our intrepid adventurers watched a rampaging horde of zombies kindly impaled, eviscerated and immolated themselves on the very traps that killed them the first time, for zombies are very very stupid. After all their trials, the long suffering adventurers have come upon a long, dark passage with an ominous message.

Previously in the Introdungeon
Part 1

Our troupe of brave adventurers, Kat, the human seeker, Oris, the Deva cleric, Aramil, the ginger wizard, and Horrim, the giant retard with an axe, were unjustly arrested on the day of the town celebration feast and brought before the dickish, possibly evil aligned mayor. The mayor had an ultimatum: clear out the dungeon outside of town or be sent to the dungeon inside of town. Preferring the monster variety of dungeon to the butt rape variety, our intrepid protagonists ventured forth unto the dungeon where they solved the riddle of the laser face door, defeated not one, but two chests full of evil, acquired some sweet loot, and gave career advice to some surprisingly helpful skeletons.

Now…. as you approach the waterfall you hear a faint cry for help coming from the side door. The cry becomes more and more desperate with each passing second.


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