This appears to be some sort of workshop. It may well be the only part of the fortress that is still in use. In one corner lies a pile of badly damaged and discarded toys. At the back of the room is an array of smithing equipment. Forges stand against the wall with anvils in front of them. Beleaguered halflings in tattered rags are hammering at the heated metals. Another halfling works the bellows in the far corner. Another wall contains racks of finished weapons. In the center of the room are a pair of some sort of assembly lines where exhausted looking halflings are assembling swords, axes and hammers. Around the perimeter stand still more halflings armed with clubs and swords and wearing the same red and green armor as the ones you fought on the mountain. As you look on, one of the halflings on the far assembly line drops to a knee, apparently unable to work any longer. One of the guards approaches and takes a whip from his belt. “Back to work!” he yells, cracking the whip across the worker’s back. They are all too focused on working to have noticed you.


Toy soldiers begin climbing from the pile of wrecked presents.

4 Toy Soldiers
1 Halfling Slinger
1 Halfling Trickster
2 Halfling Wilder

The worker halflings, who huddled at the opposite side of the room when the battle broke out, rush to thank you. One offers to show you the finest weapons and armor among the finished arms.

Frost Sword, inescapable axe, bestial armor, lifegiving armor, robe of avoidance

possible dialogue options:
‘He sealed us in here to make his instruments of war. The guards are fanatically loyal to the red wizard. They haven’t allowed us a break for rest, food or water in days.’
‘I don’t know much about the rest of the fortress. None of us have seen anything beyond these walls for quite some time.’
‘We used to make gifts here before it was re-purposed as a weapon factory’

Main Chamber


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