Affixed to the front of the sleigh is a rack or bells.
Upon hearing the jolly jingle, the owlbears begin to rise, though their means of propulsion remains a mystery. They continue rising as they speed north, gaining speed at an unbelievable rate. The scenery races past until it becomes a blur. After traveling and indeterminate distance, the owlbears begin to slow until you are finally able to make out the scenery again. You fly over a wall hundreds of feet high. Ahead you see an immense fortress of ice, its deadly sharp spires gleaming in the moonlight. Colored lights shine all around the fortress and some sort of gigantic birds waddle around in the yard.

Suddenly a huge orb of green glass soars overhead, barely missing your sleigh. It sails overhead, bursting open and exploding.

Perception DC20

You see some sort of cannon in front of the fortress manned by two elves. One of the elves begins to load another orb into the cannon as the other takes aim.

2 Halfling Slingers with cannon
include a couple of penguins on the battlefield

Cannon- can fire once per turn if loaded and aimed by the crew: 1D12 cold damage (sleigh has 20 AC 30 HP, owlbear AC 15 HP 106)
Players may make ranged attacks on the halflings or the cannon. Cannon has 30 HP and 20 AC.
After three rounds, the sleigh lands a short distance away from the cannon and the PCs may engage the halflings.
If players hit a penguin, accidentally or on purpose, it will attack and use squawk to summon other nearby penguins.

The doors are twenty feet high and appear to be completely frozen shut.

Players can use ornament cannon to blast door open.

Main Chamber


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