You see what appears to be a large kitchen. Against the left wall is a row of gigantic ovens. The rear wall is filled to the top with racks containing jars spices and ingredients, many of them look unfamiliar and most have either elvish, dwarven, or draconic markings on the labels. Against the right wall is a book case, apparently full of carefully organized cooking books and recipe scrolls. Knives and utensils hang next to the book case, and pots and pans from a rack on the ceiling. In the middle of the room are two long metal tables. One of the tables contains a variety of delicious looking confections and baked goods. A large hour glass sits on the other table.’

Perception DC20: You notice a rack of bells of varied sizes hanging over the largest oven in the center of the row.
Perception DC25: (if PCs have been to list room) You recognize one of the items on the table: a red and white striped piece of candy in the shape of a crook or cane.

Book case: Players may look through scrolls and books for a recipe.
Insight DC20 to find the right book
Roll a D10:
1-2 This (book/scroll) appears to contain recipes for cookies
3-4 " roasted meats
5-6 candy treats
7-8 soups and stews
9-10 sides and salads

Upon finding the right book, players must gather three ingredients from the rack, either by translating the labels or by rolling an insight check of 20 or higher.
‘You find a recipe with a picture matching the candy. It contains a list of three ingredients and directions written in giant.’
‘You follow the directions using the ingredients you gathered. All that is left is to bake the mixture for one hour.’
one hour equals either an amount of non encounter time at DM’s discretion, or ten rounds.


If players play the tune properly (no check for bard, bluff DC30 for any other) the middle oven opens to reveal the gingerbread monster
‘The oven begins to glow and radiate heat. The doors slowly open outward. You can see something in the flames. As you try to make out the shape, it begins to grow and take form into the outline of a man. It stands taller than any giant, and its eyes glow like two burning coals. It lets loose a roar no set of human lungs could ever produce and steps forth from the oven, a ten foot tall gingerbread terror’


‘Baked into the misshapen creature’s body you find:’
1 jar of frankincense

As player picks up the vial, the second of the Ghosts of Winter appears.

Upon defeating the gingerbread monster, a perception check of the oven (DC15) reveals a small iron door in the back leading into the workshop.

Main Chamber


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