Krampus' Dungeon

As the heavy doors creak open, you are nearly overwhelmed by the stench of rot and decay. Before you is a steep set of stone stairs descending farther than you can see. Looking down, you see that further down there is a row four of enormous wooden soldiers. Their open mouths span a deep chasm between two flights of stairs. It appears to be the only way across.
Any player or heavy item touching the mouths of the soldiers activates the trap:
“The soldier’s mouth snaps shut”
attack- +2 vs reflex
damage- 1d12 + 6
effect- target is immobilized and takes ongoing 5 damage until extricated from the mouth
an athletics DC25 can hold the mouth open
endurance check DC15 to hold
As you continue down the stairs, you can finally see the bottom. You are descending into a large circular chamber. Implements of torture fill the room. The walls are lined with cages and restraints. Against one wall is a chest. Scattered throughout the chamber are what appear to be corpses and parts of corses in varying states of decomposition The room is lit by sconces on the walls and an immense furnace burning in the rear. In the center of the floor is a grotesque figure. Its arms are secured to the floor by long chains and it is chewing on what looks to be a halfling’s femur.

When you set foot on the floor of the chamber, the creature in chains turns to look directly at you. It finishes sucking the marrow from the bone and before you can even get a good look at it the beast is straining at the end of its chains, a mere three feet from your faces. The monster is covered in thick black fur. Goat horns topped its hideous face. A mouth full of rows of razor sharp teeth gaped open to reveal a long, pointed tongue wriggling like a serpent. Its animal like legs end in cloven hooves. On its back are a large black sack and a bundle of thin birch branches.

As the creature makes one last desperate rush against its bonds, the chains snap and the beast is upon you.


The Krampus

around the creature’s neck is a small bag on a strip of leather. Inside the bag is a vial of myrrh.
Giantkind mittens, cider of aptitude, winter hat of second chances, spidersilk scarf

Upon picking up the myrrh, the appropriate Ghosts of Winter appears

Main Chamber

Krampus' Dungeon

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