List Room

The room is dark.
You see a what appears to be some sort of office or study.There is a desk against one wall. With some sort of green leaf arrangement in the shape of a circle on the wall above it.
(Perception DC15: The arrangement has two brackets in the middle) Another wall is lined with racks upon racks of thick scrolls. Carved into every open inch of the ice making up the remaining walls is the word “naughty”, repeated thousands and thousands of times.

You unroll the scroll. It contains what appear to be names. A seemingly endless list of names, each one marked though in red ink with the word “naughty” written alongside.

The desk has an ink bottle, a quill, and an oil lamp and a small scroll on top. There is a drawer underneath with what appears to be a seal of some sort. The seal seems to be an arrangement similar to the one on the wall with two striped canes crossed on top.
Scroll: It contains what appears to be a piece of music
Arcana DC15
The drawer appears to be sealed magically. It is doubtful any physical force will open it.
Arcana DC30 to force open
OR place candy canes on the wreath above
‘The candy glows brightly for a moment. You hear a click somewhere inside the desk.’

Inside the drawer is a large brass key topped with a hideous face with twisted horns its head and a serpent-like tongue extended.

Main Chamber

List Room

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