Main Chamber

Background Music

You see an immense hall. The ceilings are easily a hundred feet high, maybe more. In the center of the room is a gigantic tree nearly half the height of the room itself. It is adorned with what appear to be smaller versions of the glass orbs fired from the cannon outside, as well as some sort of magical colored lights. A golden star sits at the top. There are six pillars linging the room, and two hallways on either side. At the opposite end of the hall are two sets of stairs converging high above at a platform with three golden vessels on it.

Door to Throne Room
The vessel begins to glow and hum softly when you place the (gold, frankincense, myrrh) in it.
(when the last item is placed in the last vessel)
As the glow emanating from the vessels increases in intensity, the ice on the wall behind you begins to slowly melts away, revealing a massive pair of golden doors that stretch far above your heads. As the last of the ice recedes, the immense doors slowly open outward, releasing a thick fog carried by an icy blast of air that chills you to the bone. Before you, a seemingly endless hallway stretches into the darkness. The torches on the walls barely penetrate the arctic mist, becoming mere pinpoints of light in the haze ahead.

The Throne Room

Left Hall
Present Storage
The thick wooden door has a star shaped indention in the center
Krampus’ Dungeon
A thick iron door with a large keyhole (locked) thievery DC25 to pick athletics DC35 to break
List Room
A thick wooden door (not locked)

Right Hall
thick wooden door (unlocked)
the (thick wooden) door appears to be frozen shut (athletics DC30 to break down)

Tree Encounter

When players remove the star from the top of the tree, it begins to stir.
‘As you begin to climb down, the tree begins to stir’
Tree gets a free grab attack (STR vs REF)
Roll for initiative

‘With its final breath, the tree howls in anguish a bone chilling cry that would freeze the blood of many men in their veins. The mighty evergreen falls, shattering many of the glass orbs adorning its branches. The explode just as the ones from the cannon did.’

4 Ornament Grenades

Main Chamber

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