Present Storage

As you hold the star up to the door it rises out of your hands and presses itself into the indention. A blast of cold, stale air hits you as the doors slowly swing open.
The room is dark.
Inside you see row after row of boxes of varying sizes and shapes wrapped in colored paper and adorned with ribbons and bows. The boxes are stacked to the ceiling and packed so tightly that it leaves only a single narrow path through them. (boxes contain misc. gifts. Toys, etc.)
Toward the back of the room, the boxes begin to thin out. In a large circle of open space surrounded by the strange boxes wall to wall there is a raised pedestal. On the pedestal is a box nearly the size of a man. The paper glistens and shimmers in the light of your torch. Golden ribbon holds the lid on with a decorative bow.

If PC’s try to remove a box or if a box is hit by an attack, it triggers a present avalanche.
Attack: Burst 3 +6 vs reflex to dodge
Damage: 2D10
Effect: Target is immobilized (save ends)


1 Present Mimic (DC24 to recognize, resist 10)

Inside the vile creature you find a bar of solid gold, 1 sweater of repulsion, 1 candy staff of spectral hands, 1 eggnog of resistance
When player picks up the gold bar, the first of the Ghosts of Winter appears.

Main Chamber

Present Storage

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